Bitdane Exchange, Denmark

Trading platform

Bitdane Exchange – 

We are building a decentralized exchange platform using danish engineering. Making it simple and safe to invest in cryptocurrencies. 


Token sale cancelled
We have decided to self fund the project. All sold tokens will be swapped for our new ERC20 Token, if you wish BTC payback please contact us on our support email.

BDEX is now trading on Etherdelta, Forkdelta and Token Store.

Bitdane Exchange
Why us

Bitdane Exchange is a centralized marketplace with decentralized functions, where buyers & sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods & assets with crypto currency transactions. We are approaching new markets in Denmark, and Europe. One of our goals is to bring more people into the cryptospace, by offering our BDEX token and using funding to empower our exchange and create a great community around cryptocurrencies in Denmark.

Early Exchange product
Final Exchange product
Community platform
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Our Tokens
What is BDEX Token?
BDEX is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new Bitdane Exchange and community.

“7 Great Usecases of BDEX tokens”

  1. Upgrade your account security on the Exchange.
  2. Get faster and personal support on the Exchange.
  3. Get your Coin/Token listed on the Exchange.
  4. Staking your BDEX on the Exchange. (Proof of Stake)
  5. Purchase Ad space with BDEX on our site.
  6. List your ICO on our listing site with BDEX.
  7. Connect your ICO with investors on our upcomming community & investing platform using BDEX.
BDEX ICO Token sale cancelled!
Stage 1
June 1 – July 31

(BTC Bonus 20% extra tokens)

1 BDEX = 0.00001 BTC Token rate
10 000 000 Soft cap
Stage 2
Aug 1 – Aug 31

(BTC Bonus 10% extra tokens)

1 BDEX = 0.000015 BTC Token rate
25 000 000 Hard cap
Stage 3
Sep 1 – Sep 30

(BTC Bonus 5% extra tokens)

1 BDEX = 0.0000165 BTC Token rate
50 000 000 Max cap
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
65951_10151450261039621_159710444_n (1)
Martin Thomsen
CEO / Founder - Multiple business experiences
Anders Thomsen
Human Ressource & Support - Multiple business owner.
0 (2)
Simon Andersen
Marketing / Future business - Strategic marketer, future development.
Alex Jul Carstensen
Software Engineer
Bitdane Exchange

BDEX is undergoing a coinswap at the moment we are changing to the Ethereum Blockchain. BDEX can soon be bought on 3 exchanges, Ether Delta, Fork Delta and Token Store Exchanges.

Yes we are aiming to list BDEX on as many popular exchanges as possible and ofcourse on our own Bitdane Exchange.

Yes we are planning to use BDEX in our community and help startups (ICOS) with funding.

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